So how do I get started? I have an idea for a plastic product, but I don't know where to begin?

This is the question this site is intended for. Many of our customers are new to injection molding and plastics. This site is intended to answer some questions and clear up some of the mystery.


Techstar Molding takes the security and confidentiality of your idea seriously! We are more than willing to sign statements of confidentiality and encourage our customers to protect their ideas with a patent if appropriate.

Rough Drawing

A rough drawing or sketch of your idea is really all you need to get started. Techstar Molding can assist you in taking your sketch or drawing and having computer aided drafting or CAD drawings made up which are easily modified.


Next, a determination needs to be made to see whether or not you need a prototype of your product. Prototypes are useful for showing your idea to prospective customers and determining market demand.

Designing The Mold

The next step in the process is designing the mold and construction of the tool. Various factors go into determining tool size, cavities, and the material used in making the mold. Mold construction is an involved process that can take from several weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the tool. Once the mold is complete, test shots will be performed to test the mold for part quality and cycle time.

The Right Plastic

Finally...choosing the right plastic material or resin! Depending on your application, your choice of material may be a very obvious one. However, in many instances, the right choice of material may not be so easy. After the tool has been constructed, testing of different materials is often necessary to measure strength, finish, color, pliability or rigidity, and many other factors which are all specific to your product. One determining factor no business can ignore is cost. There are literally thousands of grades and types plastic. Resins range from the ordinary to the exotic...and so do the prices. Techstar Molding will assist you in choosing the right material for your project.

The bottom line...

The main thing to keep in mind during this process is that Techstar Molding will be there to assist you with each aspect of your project. In some cases, injection molding is not the right solution for your plastic manufacturing needs. If this is the case, we will be more than happy to help assist you in finding a manufacturer that is more appropriate. Give us a call...we're here to help!

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